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TUC Library Guide

This guide contains information on all aspects of the TUC Library for the TUC community.

General Library News


New Weekly Video Service


Library Tuesdays - New Weekly Zoom Session with the Library

Starting on Tuesday, March 5, the Library will have a weekly drop- in Zoom session from 12 noon – 12:45 pm for library assistance. The sessions will be regularly available each Tuesday (except holidays) from 12 noon – 12:45 pm. Join us for Library Zoom Tuesdays.

If you have any Library questions the “Library Tuesdays” zoom drop-in is an additional way to get library assistance,  or if you prefer use our TUC Library e-mail service: or e-mail or call your subject librarian.


The Power of Awe (Link to Recording Here)

The Presentation and Book by Dr. Michael Amster

Did you miss Dr. Amster's amazing presentation on the Power of Awe on April 12th? The A.W.E. Method is a way to help you "overcome burnout and anxiety, ease chronic pain, find clarity and focus, in less than 1 minute per day." Dr. Amster went over this method, and more, in his presentation that you can watch here.

The Touro Library has two print copies of his book The Power of Awe by Jake Eagle and Michael Amster for checkout and an e-book version which can be found here. You can also explore the A.W.E. Method on his website here.


New eBooks & Print Books

New Journals

New Journals

LGBT Health

LGBT Health is the premier peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting optimal healthcare for all sexual and gender minority persons worldwide. The Journal focuses specifically on health while maintaining sufficient breadth to address policy, legislative, and education and training issues relevant to the provision of healthcare and health outcomes. This Journal aims to advance understanding of the health needs particular to each sexual and gender minority population and to improve delivery of and access to culturally competent healthcare. LGBT Health also encourages further research and increased funding in this critical but currently underserved domain. The Journal is an authoritative source of information and provides an international forum for the most recent developments in health research, clinical practice, and policy. Contributions from all continents are solicited including Asia and Africa which are currently underrepresented in LGBT health research.

CLICK HERE or find it on the A-Z Journals page. 

Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Creating and interpreting clear and precise sonographic images is both an art and a science. The Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (JDMS) which is the official journal of the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, provides peer-reviewed innovative publications in all specialties including but not limited to abdominal, women’s health, pediatric, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and in all fields where new applications for ultrasound are being explored.

CLICK HERE or find it on the A-Z Journals page. 


Transgender Health

Transgender Health is the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of transgender individuals throughout their lifespan and identifying gaps in knowledge as well as priority areas where policy development and research are needed to achieve healthcare equity.

CLICK HERE or find it on the A-Z Journals page. 


New Research + Special Topics Guides + Lists

New Library Guide

Generative Artificial Intelligence

This guide was developed for the TUC community as a resource for learning about generative artificial intelligence. This guide is divided into four pages. The first page is an introduction and includes resources to familiarize oneself with a broad understanding of generative artificial intelligence. The three remaining pages focus on generative artificial intelligence issues and topics in research, education (K12 and higher education) and ethics.

CLICK HERE or find it on the Guides page. 

Recent New Acquisitions Lists

Recent New Acquisitions Lists

Below you will find the PDFs of the complete New Acquisitions Lists for the most current month and the three previous months. For older lists, please contact the Library, and we will be happy to provide them to you

Focus Resource of the Month

Monthly Resource Focus

LGBTQIA+ Resource Guide