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Pharmacy Rotations: Books

Resources to help COP students who are currently on rotation

Checking books out on rotation

You can check books out while you are on rotations-even if you are all the way across the country!

While on rotations, you can check out books for six weeks at a time.

If you would like to check out a print book by mail, please email with the title of the book and your mailing address. 

TUC Library Databases with eBooks

  • AccessPharmacy has dozens of Pharmacy textbooks available in eBook format. Searching AccessPharmacy will search all of these books.
  • The LLW Health Library contains nearly 30 eBooks as well as procedures, case studies, and review materials that accompany the texts. You can search across all the texts, and can also search and browse images from the texts.
  • PharmacyLibrary includes eBooks published by American Pharmacists Association; active learning exercises and case studies; NAPLEX review; clinical and practice news; and more.

Google Books Search

You can find full text of WHO and government report in Google Books.

Google Book Search

Search for print books, ebooks, articles, and more in Summon

Use the Summon search box on the Library homepage or here to find ebooks, print books, articles, and more available to you from the TUC Library. 

Search for print books the TUC Library's Catalog

You can search for print books, DVD's and more in our Library catalog. For an advanced search, go to the Library Catalog.

Books & eBooks to Help Your Plan for Your Future!

eBooks of interest