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Physician Assistant: Audio Resources

This Research Guide will help PA students find Library resources and useful websites for their PA classes and projects. When looking for resources for PH classes, the Public Health Research Guide may be more appropriate.

Education & Medical Podcasts

EMCRIT Podcast - A discussion of emergency medicine, critical care.

EMRACast Medical Students - Advice for medical students interested in pursuing emergency medicine as a career.

EMRAP : Emergency Medicine Reviews & Perspectives - Useful advice on giving talks and educating medical students and residents in emergency medicine.

HEALTHONE EMS & Trauma Services Webinars
The HealthONE EMS Podcast provides the latest news in the EMS community.

iTunes Podcasts in Science & Medicine - Requires free download and installation of iTunes.  In the drop down menu for "All Categories", select "Science & Medicine".  Subscribe and get regular updates when new episodes are released.

iTunes U Podcasts in Health & Medicine - Requires free download of iTunes.  Select the category Health & Medicine for listing of free podcasts. Subscribe and get regular updates when a new episode is released. - free emergency medicine & critical care podcasts

Medical Spanish with Dr. Molly Martin

Medical 2.0 Pills - a wiki of podcasts in basic sciences, bioethics, cardiology, fitness & health, hematology & oncology, clinical medicine, medical lectures & reviews, microbiology & infectious diseases, neurology/neurosciences, pediatrics, podcasts for medical students, podcasts for patients, radiology, surgery & intensive care.

Merck Manuals Podcasts - Weekly podcasts of various patient symptoms. - Pediatrics for medical students.

Selected Audio Resources Available in the Library and Free Audio Resources

Auscultation Assistant
The Auscultation Assistant provides heart sounds, heart murmurs, and breath sounds in order to help medical students and others improve their physical diagnosis skills. Free resource.

Cardiac Auscultation (Heart Sounds) - audio CD available for regular checkout

Heart Songs 2 - 4 audio CD set available for regular checkout

Heart Sounds Podcast Series - from the Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, this series presents auscultation of various heart sounds as they relate to the anatomy, physiology, and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. The podcasts are developed for physicians, medical residents, nurses, and other clinicians who wish to improve auscultation skills.

Listening to the Heart : heart sounds and murmurs (3 vols.) - 3 audio CD set available for regular checkout

Merck Manual Online - Audio - audio files of heart sounds, heart murmurs and breath sounds. Free resource.

Pulmonary Breath Sounds
Free resource from East Tennessee State University. Dept of Physical Therapy.

Stethographics Basic Lung Sounds- Six audio files with detailed description regarding significance of each abnormal finding : bronchial, vesicular, fine crackles, coarse crackles, wheezes, rhonchi. Free resource.

UNMC H&P Breath Sounds - Nine .wav files : vesicular, bronchovesicular bronchial, tracheal, rhonchi in a patient with tuberculosis, rhonchi with wheezing, expiraratory wheezes, rales in a patient with rheumatoid lung, velcro rales associated with pulmonary fibrosis. Free resource.