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Osteopathic Medicine: Articles, Journals, Interlibrary Loan

TUC Library resources of osteopathic and manual medicine & free resources in osteopathic research and history

AAO Yearbooks

American Academy of Osteopathy : 50 AAO yearbooks from 1938-1998 - CD-ROM on Reserve - articles in pdf




AAO Millennium Yearbook - CD-ROM on Reserve - articles in pdf

TUC Library's Osteopathic Journals

See the osteopathic journals available through the Library.

TUC Library's Manual Therapy Journals

See the journals on manual therapy available through the Library.

Find an Article Using Article Linker

To search for article availability through the Library use ArticleLinker

Enter the doi or PMID number (PubMed citations only), or the citation information.


Click “Look Up”


If you get this message, click on the hyperlink.




ArticleLinker Search Results for an available full-text article


Click on the "Go To Journal" button then navigate to the article within the online journal


Requesting an Article the Library Doesn't Have - Using Interlibrary Loan (ILL)



Click on the "Request interlibrary loan" link.


Requesting Articles through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) through CLIO

Note that if you already have a CLIO account and are logged in, the article citation information that you entered into ArticleLinker will automatically populate on the CLIO request page.

Please read the instructions on creating a CLIO account, requesting articles, and retrieving them from your CLIO dashboard at this link.

Please note: your requested articles will be deleted from your dashboard if you do not download them within 30 days. At that point, you will have to re-request your article in CLIO.  

Please see additional information on the Library’s ILL services:



Finding Journals using A-Z Journals

Searching for Journals Using A-Z Journals

Use this link to search.

Enter the Journal title, journal abbreviation, or ISSN 

Click "Find Journals"




Locating the Journal

Select the correct journal title.

Check the date ranges for the journal issue you need. 

Note the entries for print versions for a journal.

Click on the hyperlink to see the catalog record for the print version.