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College of Osteopathic Medicine: Rotations: Clinical Resources

This Research Guide puts together information that will be helpful to you while you are out on rotations.


"VisualDx provides problem-oriented decision support for differential diagnosis, testing, and therapeutic decisions. VisualDx includes the world’s best dark skin atlas and most equitable image collection of disease presentations in people of all skin colors." - from the website.

In VisualDX, which has over 42,000 images, you can build differentials; search diseases, conditions, and diagnoses; provide patient education handouts and emails; search for medication adverse events; earn CME credits; and more. View references used for the articles and link directly to UpToDate and PubMed for further research on your topics.

Modules include:

General Symptoms Dermatology of All Skin Types
Dermatology of Skin Color Ophthalmology
ENT/Oral Medicine Cardiac / Pulmonary
Neurologic / Psychiatric Genitourinary
Gastrointestinal Drug Reactions

See short guides and tutorials for VisualDX at this link.

Differential Diagnosis

Diagnosaurus (AccessMedicine) - Browse differential diagnoses alphabetically, or by symptom, disease or organ system

5 Minute Clinical Consult - Algorithms & Charts - Over 200 diagnosis and treatment algorithms, including online-only exclusives help you to diagnose clinical signs and symptoms, and treatment of a variety of clinical symptoms.

Diagnostic Tests

Point of Care Resources

For evidence-based medicine research databases and resources, please see the Research Databases page in the Evidence-Based Medicine Guide.

Provides topic reviews that include a synthesis of the literature, the latest evidence, and specific recommendations for patient care. UpToDate is used to answer questions quickly, increase your clinical knowledge, check for changes to drug monographs, and improve patient care.

See guides and short tutorials for UpToDate at this link.

5 Minute Consult

Fast, evidence-based answers to your clinical questions at the point of care. Browse by: diseases and conditions, procedures, algorithms and charts, drugs, PT exercises, patient handouts, lab tests

See guides and short tutorials for 5 Minute Consult at this link.


Delivers all of Elsevier's medical and surgical content in one dynamic resource, giving physicians access to over 1100 top books, over 600 top journals, multimedia images and videos, more than 300 instructional videos from Clinical Overviews/First Consult, drug monographs, patient education, practice guidelines, Procedures Consult,  MEDLINE citations and abstracts from PubMed.

Procedures Consult : multimedia training tool that teaches how to prepare for, perform, and follow up on the most common procedures required in today's hospital setting ; covers the procedures required by the ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine) and conforms to ACGME standards. Includes an outline on pre– and post-procedures, anatomy, procedures, outcomes, and checklists. Browse by title and enter into ClinicalKey search box. Filter by resource type (select Procedures Consult).

See guides and short tutorials for ClinicalKey at this link.

Searches all of AccessMedicine multimedia, drug monographs, point-of-care resources, textbooks.

See guides and short tutorials for AccessMedicine at this link.

American Diabetes Association eBook Collection - includes titles on diabetes care and management and topics such as nutrition and exercise therapies, drug risks for diabetics, living with diabetes, hypoglycemia, and much more. The collection includes case studies, reference materials, guides, and sourcebooks.

Bates' Visual Guide to Physical Examination with OSCE Clinical Skills Videos
The Bates' videos demonstrate head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques on different types of patients. The OSCE videos are designed to help with preparation for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) by testing clinical reasoning skills. Each video presents a clinical encounter and you are given the opportunity to develop an assessment, or differential diagnosis, and provide an appropriate diagnostic workup. Note: this resource may not be accessible on all mobile devices.

See guides and short tutorials for Bates' Visual Guide to Physical Examination to OSCE Clinical Skills Videos at this link.

Merck Manual Online Professional Version - Provides symptoms to disorders, tests & procedures, laboratory values, clinical calculators. Written for the health care professional. Free resource.

NEJM Resident 360 

NEJM's Resident 360 website provides the following content:

Procedural Videos Interactive Medical Cases Visual Abstracts
Quick Take Videos Podcasts Clinical Pearls & Morning Reports
Covid-19 Simulations Image Challenges Discussions...and more

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the Rotation Prep section of NEJM Resident 360 is not accessible, and requires a separate subscription to NEJM Knowledge+.

Pediatric Care Online - From the American Academy of Pediatrics. Includes a point-of-care quick reference tool, full text of the AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care, Bright Futures, a Visual Library containing hundreds of images, AAP policy, Red Book content, pediatric drug look-up, pediatric patient education handouts, and more.

See guides and short tutorials for Pediatric Care Online at this link.

Procedures Consult (ClinicalKey)

High-quality video, text and illustrations for top medical procedures. Highlights patient safety guidelines. Includes indications, contraindications, anatomy, equipment

PsychiatryOnline is a web-based portal that features the DSM-V—the most widely used psychiatric reference in the world—and The American Journal of Psychiatry as the cornerstones of a collection of psychiatric references from American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.

See guides and short tutorials for PsychiatryOnline at this link.

Suturing Videos

ClinicalKey - In the "All Types" drop menu, select "Procedure Videos" and search for specific suturing videos,

Suturing - on CD-ROM available for regular checkout

Suturing Collection - on DVD available for regular checkout

Stitching It Up - A Medical Student's Guide To Suturing - In this e-module, you will learn how to complete the three most commonly used suturing techniques – the simple interrupted, buried interrupted, and running subcuticular stitches as well as briefly review different types of suture materials and surgical instruments. Free Resource from the University of Nebraska Medical Center

Quick Guide to HIPAA Privacy Rules

From the US Department of Health & Human Services, this Health Information Privacy page contains links to brief information on the HIPAA rules for providers.

Practice Guidelines

Selected Point of Care Titles