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Hispanic Heritage Resources at the TUC Library

by Julie Horwath on 2020-10-05T12:35:00-07:00 in Special Resource Lists | 0 Comments

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, the TUC Library has put together a list of resources for the TUC Community, including streaming videos, books and websites. Read on for the list. 


*Access streaming videos through TouroOne.*

Cinco De Mayo (45 mins)

Each May 5th, Cinco de Mayo celebrations are held in cities throughout the United States. But few people know the holiday's significance. It's a story that began on a sweltering morning, May 5, 1862, in the city of Puebla, Mexico and surrounding forts, when an ill-equipped Mexican Army, along with Zacapoaxtla Indians and regular citizens, beat the invading French Army. Filmed in Mexico and the US, this is the riveting story -- from events leading up to the bloody battle and the aftermath. Today, the memory of French occupation has faded, except for Cinco de Mayo -- the day the Mexicans defeated the most powerful army in the world. - From the producer

Learning Spanish: How to Understand and Speak a New Language, from The Great Courses (30 episodes - 21 hrs 33 mins)

Have you ever tried to learn another language, only to abandon your efforts due to boredom or frustration? In this highly effective course, we’re pleased to present an approach that turns the tables on the problems so many people face in learning a new language. Experience the fastest and most direct way to get up and running with a beautiful and highly useful language. Learning Spanish: How to Understand and Speak a New Language offers you an exciting and practical way to quickly build the ability to communicate in Spanish. - From the producer

The Latino List, Volume 1 (57 mins)

HBO presents a unique glimpse into the vibrant and burgeoning culture of Hispanic America through a series of highly personal video portraits of Latinos who have richly contributed to the fabric of contemporary society. Funny, poignant and irreverent, The Latino List illuminates the Latino experience today, at a time when the Latino population in the US is booming. The Latino List: Volume 1 spotlights a diverse range of notables from music, science, journalism, theater, politics, business, and government. In intimate interviews with NPR correspondent Maria Hinojosa, these prominent Hispanic Americans discuss such subjects as the childhood inspirations that fueled their ambitions, how they achieved success, the evolving American cultural landscape they helped mold, the importance of preserving a distinct cultural identity for future generations to embrace, and the challenges of discrimination. The subjects share stories of growing up Latino in America, how their backgrounds shaped their philosophies and their feelings on a society where new opportunities abound, but challenges still exist. Hailing from a variety of backgrounds, including Cuban, Colombian, Honduran, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and more, each interviewee has a unique perspective on his or her American success story. - From the producer

The Latino List, Volume 2 (49 mins)

The Latino List: Volume 2 features interviews with an extraordinary cross-section of Hispanic Americans who represent a variety of professions, disciplines, and backgrounds, each speaking to the unique struggles and triumphs he or she has faced. The film consists of intimate first-person vignettes, with each subject speaking simply and directly into the camera about a number of topics — from the hot-button issue of immigration to childhood inspirations that fueled their ambitions, to the evolving American cultural landscape they helped mold, to the importance of preserving a distinct cultural identity for future generations. Volume 2 features activist Dolores Huerta, journalist Soledad O'Brian, NY Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, model and humanitarian Christy Turlington, actors George Lopez and Judy Reyese, former Telemundo president of entertainment Nely Galan, Univision network president Cesar Conde, and political figures like Raul Yzaguirre, the US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. From sharing stories from their childhoods to talking about life-changing moments in their professional and personal lives, each of these individuals shares what it means to be Latino in America. - from the producer

Latinos in America, Part 1 (60 mins)

A profile of some of the many groups listed under the label of Latino(na’s) in the U.S. Studio Guest: Rey Flores, a community activist and columnist for Hoy Newspaper in Chicago. Video Inserts: Chuy Negrette, an ethno-historian from Chicago; Professor Carlos Munoz, Jr. at the University of California at Berkeley; Dr. Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, director of the Harvard Immigration Program; and Janet Castellanos, a Professor at the University of California at Riverside. - From the producer

Latinos in America, Part 2 (60 mins)

Studio Guest: Rey Flores, a community activist and columnist for Hoy Newspaper in Chicago and realtor/community activist Fred Medina. Video Inserts: The Ballet Folkloric filmed during a Mexican Independence Day celebration; a mini case study of Beardstown, a small river town in central Illinois with a rapidly growing Latino population; Janet Castellanos, a Professor at the University of California at Riverside, and a film clip from the movie Crash. - From the producer

The Whole Enchilada (28 mins)

In recent years over a million Latin Americans in search of a better life have surged into the U.S. -- conventionally and illegally. The U.S. has undergone arguably the most dramatic demographic and cultural shifts in its history and Latinos are expected to emerge as a potential American majority by 2050. The Whole Enchilada details how this growth has resulted in acute growing pains: conservative commentators railing against porous borders and complaining about illegal Latinos taking jobs away from Americans; an increase in hate crimes against Latinos, specifically in the infamous murder in Patchogue, N.Y.; extremely high unemployment in Latino communities; and young Hispanics joining gangs.The film also shows the increasing Latino vibrancy and optimism especially in Los Angeles where there is a new sense of empowerment. The L.A. City Councilman Tony Cardenas, touted as a future political leader, the actress Lupe Ontiveros, Josefina Lopez, the screenwriter of Real Women Have Curves, now the director of a theatre company and TV anchor Geraldo Rivera are some of the people interviewed in this lively film. Most dramatically, the recent appointment of the Supreme Court's first Hispanic justice, Sonia Maria Sotomayor, sent a powerful message of hope and opportunity to the Latino community. - From the producer


*Access ebooks through TouroOne.*

An African-American and Latinx History of the United States - Paul Ortiz (Print book)

Blurred Borders : Transnational Migration Between the Hispanic Caribbean and the United States - Jorge Duan 

Chicana/o Struggles for Education : Activism in the Community - Guadalupe San Miguel

Confronting Our Canons : Spanish and Latin American Studies in the 21st Century - Joan Lipman Brown

Debating Race, Ethnicity, and Latino Identity : Jorge J. E. Gracia and His Critics - Iván Jaksić

Developing Minority Language Resources : The Case of Spanish in California - Prof. Guadalupe Valdés, Prof. Joshua A Fishman, Rebecca Chávez, and William Pérez

Dictionary of Latino Civil Rights History - F. Arturo Rosales and Francisco A Rosales

Ethnic Cues : The Role of Shared Ethnicity in Latino Political Participation - Matt Barreto

Finding Latinx : in search of the voices redefining Latino identity - Paola Ramos (Print book)

Forging People : Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality in Hispanic American and Latino/a Thought - Jorge J.E. Gracia

Hispanic Immigrant Identity : Political Allegiance vs. Cultural Preference - George I. Monsivais

Hispanics and the Future of America - Marta Tienda, Faith Mitchell, National Research Council, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Committee on Population, Panel on Hispanics in the United States, and Faith Mitchell

Hispanics and Latinos in Vallejo - Marisela Barbosa-Cortez (Print book)

Hispanic-Serving Institutions in American Higher Education - Jesse Perez Mendez, Fred A. Bonner II, Josephine Méndez-Negrete, Robert T. Palmer, Josephine Méndez-Negrete, Frank Hernandez, and Laura I Rendon

Hispanic Spaces, Latino Places : Community and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary America Daniel D. Arreola

The History of the Mexican-American People, Revised Edition - Julian Samora

Immigration and the Border : Politics and Policy in the New Latino Century - David L. Leal, José E. Limón, and José E. Limón

Latin American Migrations to the U. S. Heartland : Changing Social Landscapes in Middle America - Linda Allegro and Andrew Grant Wood

Latinas in the United States, set : A Historical Encyclopedia - Vicki L. Ruiz and Virginia Sanchez Korrol

Latinas in the Workplace : An Emerging Leadership Force - Mimi Wolverton, Salwa A. Zaki, Esther Elena López-Mulnix, and Esther Elena López-Mulnix

The Latina/o Pathway to the Ph. D. : Abriendo Caminos - Jeanett Castellanos, Alberta M. Gloria, Mark Kamimura, Hector Garza, and Melba Vasquez

Latino Lives in America : Making It Home - Luis Ricardo Fraga, John A. Garcia, Rodney Hero, Michael Jones-Correa, Valerie Martinez-Ebers, and Gary M. Segura

Latino Small Businesses and the American Dream : Community Social Work Practice and Economic and Social Development - Melvin Delgado

Latinos in America : Philosophy and Social Identity - Jorge J. E. Gracia

Latinos in American Society : Families and Communities in Transition - Ruth Enid Zambrana

Latinos in Higher Education: Creating Conditions for Student Success - Anne-Marie Nuñez, Anne-Marie Nuñez, Richard E. Hoover, Kellie Pickett, A. Christine Stuart-Carruthers, Maria Vazquez, and Anne-Marie Nunez

Latinos, Inc : The Marketing and Making of a People - Arlene Dávila, Arlene Dávila, and Arlene Dávila

Latinos and the Nation's Future - Henry G. Cisneros, John Rosales, and Janet Murguía

Latinos in the New Millennium : An Almanac of Opinion, Behavior, and Policy Preferences - Luis R. Fraga, John A. Garcia, Rodney E. Hero, Michael Jones Correa, Valerie Martinez-Ebers, and Gary M. Segura

Loca Motion : The Travels of Chicana and Latina Popular Culture Michelle Habell-Pallan

Looking Out, Looking In : Anthology of Latino Poetry - William Luis

The Magic Key : The Educational Journey of Mexican Americans from K-12 to College and Beyond - Ruth Enid Zambrana and Sylvia Hurtado

The Mexican American Experience : An Encyclopedia - Matt S. Meier and Margo Gutiérrez

Mexican Americans and the Question of Race - Julie A. Dowling

Mexicanos : A History of Mexicans in the United States - Manuel G. Gonzales

Mexico and Mexicans in the Making of the United States - John Tutino

¡Muy Pop! : Conversations on Latino Popular Culture - Frederick L. Aldama, Ilan Stavans, and Mary S. Lawrence

My Beloved World - Sonia Sotomayor (Print book)

Pachangas : Borderlands Music, U.S. Politics, and Transnational Marketing - Margaret E. Dorsey

The Politics of Race in Latino Communities : Walking the Color Line - Atiya Kai Stokes-Brown

The Power of Latino Leadership : Culture, Inclusion, and Contribution - Juana Bordas

Race Migrations : Latinos and the Cultural Transformation of Race - Wendy Roth

Resisting Categories: Latin American and/or Latino? - Mari Carmen Ramírez, Tomas Ybarra-Frausto, and Héctor Olea

The Riddle of Cantinflas : Essays on Hispanic Popular Culture - Ilan Stavans

The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature - Suzanne Bost and Frances R. Aparicio

Skin Color and Identity Formation : Perception of Opportunity and Academic Orientation among Mexican and Puerto Rican Youth - Edward Fergus

Sounds of Belonging : U.S. Spanish-language Radio and Public Advocacy - Dolores Ines Casillas

Spanish/English Codeswitching in a Written Corpus - Laura Callahan

Telling Our Stories : The Lives of Latina Women - Theresa Baron-Mckeagney

The Trouble with Unity : Latino Politics and the Creation of Identity - Cristina Beltran

Varieties of Spanish in the United States - John M. Lipski

What Is la Hispanidad? : A Conversation - Ilan Stavans and Iván Jaksic

Who Speaks for Hispanics? : Hispanic Interest Groups in Washington - Deirdre Martinez


Hispanic Heritage Month - National Museum of the American Latino

Hispanic Heritage Month - National Park Service

Hispanic Heritage Month - US National Archives

Hispanic And Latino Heritage And History In The United States - National Endowment For The Humanities

National Hispanic Heritage Month -

National Hispanic Heritage Month - Latinx Studies - Library of Congress

National Hispanic Heritage Month - White House Initiative On Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunities for Hispanics - US Department Of Education


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