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eBook Platforms: eBookCentral

TUC Library offers eBooks on numerous platforms, which all have their own features and quirks. Use this guide to help figure out how to use eBooks on the different platforms.

EBL + ebrary = eBookCentral

The collections that were once known as ebrary and EBL have merged to a new ProQuest platform and are now known as eBookCentral. This platform offers a new look and updated features, but still contains the full corpus of the collections that are provided with TUC's library subscription.

If you used a personal bookshelf in either ebrary or EBL to save books or take notes, you can easily migrate your bookshelf into the new platform:

  1. In ebookCentral, click on “Bookshelf” in the upper right.

  2. You may be prompted to log in with your ebrary or EBL credentials.

  3. Click “Move ebrary/EBL Bookshelf.”

  4. After your bookshelves have migrated, you should see all of the materials you saved in ebrary or EBL.