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eBook Platforms: ASHP

TUC Library offers eBooks on numerous platforms, which all have their own features and quirks. Use this guide to help figure out how to use eBooks on the different platforms.

ASHP Basics

TUC Library has a number of eBooks published by American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

  • You can find links to each title in the Library Catalog, or view all our ASHP titles here.
  • ASHP eBooks can be viewed online by only one user at a time. However, if you download the eBook, it can still be used by others, and you will have it on your computer for an unlimited loan period.

Reading Online and Downloading ASHP eBooks

Reading online

To read the eBook online, follow a link from the catalog or Research Guide to the Flash-based viewer. Note that when you try to print from this online reading interface, you will only be able to print the 1-2 pages you are currently viewing.

Downloading to computer to read offline

If you would like to download the eBook to your computer, follow these steps:

1) While viewing the book online, find and click the 'Home' link in the upper left corner.

2) Then find and click the 'Bookshelf' link in the upper right corner.

3) From the Bookshelf view, you can see all our ASHP eBooks, and below the titles you should see links to either read online or download the title.

4) Select the 'Download' link. You will first need to download the iPublishCentral Reader if you haven't already.

Note: The loan / download period for ASHP ebooks is essentially unlimited, but the downloaded book may be removed from your computer once a year (when the Library's subscription expires), after which you are welcome to download it again. There is no printing from iPublishCentral.