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Evidence Based Medicine: Finding Journals, Articles & Interlibrary Loan

Resources for evidence based medicine.


Search for full-text ARTICLES using the DOI or PubMed ID (PMID)


Example DOI:
Example PMID:

How to find an article using the A-Z list

Although finding full text using Article Linker (see box above) is easier, you can use the A-Z Journal List to find full text too. Just follow the directions below and substitute your citation information from what is used below.

Let's say you are looking for this article "Renal function in infants with sickle cell anemia" by RE Ware, et. al. in The Journal of Pediatrics, January 2010, Volume 156, Number 1.

1. Go to the Library's A-Z list located directly under this box.

2. Type in the name of the journal you are looking for, in this example, The Journal of Pediatrics and hit submit.

3. Our A-Z list indicates that we subsribe to The Journal of Pediatrics through ClinicalKey, click here to see the results.

4. Click on the ClinicalKey Flex link from the A-Z list.

5. Navigate through to the article you are looking for using your citation information. Please note that depending on the database or eJournal that the article is located in, the navigation will be slightly different. If an article is print only, please let us know if you would like us to send the article to you while you are on rotations.

If the A-Z list indicates that we do not have the journal and article that you are looking for you can order it as an interlibrary loan.

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Finding Full Text Using Article Linker

If the database you are searching does not bring you directly to the article's full text, or you have a citation and want to find full text, you can try Article Linker. The easiest way to use Article Linker is by entering a PubMed ID (PMID) or DOI in the box to the left. To learn how to find an article's DOI or PMID, see Article Linker FAQs

If you don't have a DOI or PMID, you can enter the citation information in the Article Linker form. For more information on how to enter the citation information, see Article Linker FAQs

If Article Linker indicates that we do not have the journal and article that you are looking for, you can order it as an interlibrary loan.

Article Linker Tips:

  • Article Linker will try to bring you right to the full text of your article. Sometimes this fails - if so, look for the banner at the top that says "Full text not here? Click here" and click that link.

Example banner

  • If you don't go directly to the full text, Article Linker will bring you to a search results page - if you see 'Get Article' and 'Go To Journal' buttons, try clicking them. If the 'Get Article' buttons don't work, you can still click 'Go To Journal' and search or browse to find your article.

How to order an Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If you've checked the A-Z list and the library doesn't own the article that you need, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). ILL requests and articles are free and unlimited.  To order an ILL: Go the Interlibrary Loan Services page: 

TUC's ILL policy

Click here to read TUC's Interlibrary Loan policy