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Highlighted TUC Library Resources in Honor of Asian Pacific American History Month

by TUC Library on 2023-04-19T15:02:07-07:00 in Special Resource Lists | 0 Comments

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress 


Ancestors in the Americas – Part 1 (2001) (62 mins) – Part one travels across oceans and centuries of time to trace the globally interlocking story of East and West – from a village in Guangdong Province and Spanish military barracks in Manila to a Chinese cemetery in Havana and the Peabody Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. COOLIES, SAILORS AND SETTLERS explores how and why people from the Philippines, China and India first arrived on the shores of North and South America, and it portrays their survival amid harsh conditions, their re-migrations, and finally their permanent settlement in the New World. – from the producer 

Asian Americans (2020) -- This PBS series traces the story of Asian Americans, spanning 150 years of immigration, racial politics, and cultural innovation. It is a timely look at the role that Asian Americans have played in defining who we are as a nation. – From the producer 

Breaking Through (53:17) -- At the turn of the millennium, Asian Americans have become the fastest growing population in the U.S. It is a time of tremendous change, as the country tackles urgent debates over immigration, race and economic disparity. – From the producer 

Good Americans (56:09) -- During the Cold War years, Asian Americans are simultaneously heralded as a Model Minority, and suspected as the perpetual foreigner. It is also a time of ambition, as Asian Americans aspire for the first time to national political office. – From the producer 

Generation Rising (56:10) -- During a time of war and social tumult, a young generation fights for equality in the fields, on campuses and in the culture, and claim a new identify: Asian Americans. The aftermath of the Vietnam War brings new immigrants and refugees. – From the producer 

Breaking Ground (56:13)  -- In an era of U.S. expansion, new immigrants arrive from China, India, Japan, the Philippines and beyond. Eventually barred by anti-Asian laws, they become America’s first “undocumented immigrants.” – From the producer 

A Question of Loyalty (56:07) -- An American-born generation straddles their birth country and their familial homelands in Asia. Family loyalties are tested during WWII, when Japanese Americans are held in detention camps and brothers are on opposite sides of the battle. – From the producer 


The Loneliest Americans - Jay Caspian Kang (print book)

Minor Feelings : An Asian American Reckoning - Cathy Park Hong (print book)

The Making of Asian American : A History - Erica Lee (print book)

Asian American History and Culture : An Encyclopedia - Huping Ling and Allan W. Austin 

Asian North American Identities : Beyond the Hyphen - Eleanor Ty and Donald C. Goellnicht 

Asian American X : An Intersection of Twenty-First Century Asian American Voices - Arar Han and John Hsu 

Asian-American Writers – Harold Bloom 

Asian American Chronology : Chronologies of the American Mosaic - Xiaojian Zhao 

Aspiring to Home : South Asians in America - Bakirathi Mani 

The Color of Success : Asian Americans and the Origins of the Model Minority – Ellen D. Wu 

The Columbia Guide to Asian American History – Gary Okihiro 

Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife - Jonathan H. X. Lee, Kathleen G. Nadeau 

Inscrutable Belongings : Queer Asian North American Fiction - Stephen Hong Sohn 

Joan Is Okay : a novel - Weike Wang (print book)

Making Asian American Film and Video : History, Institutions, Movements – Jun Okada 

Pinoy Capital : The Filipino Nation in Daly City – Benito Vergara 

Positively No Filipinos Allowed : Building Communities and Discourse – Antonio Tiongson, Ricardo Gutierrez, and Edgardo Gutierrez 

Prisons and Patriots : Japanese American Wartime Citizenship, Civil Disobedience, and Historical Memory - Cherstin Lyon 

Race, Rights, and the Asian American Experience, 2nd ed. - Angelo N. Ancheta 

San Francisco’s International Hotel : Mobilizing the Filipino American Community in the Anti-Eviction Movement – Estelle Hebal

Stay True : a memoir - Hua Hsu (print book)

The Valley of Amazement – Amy Tan (print book) 

The Vietnamese American 1.5 Generation : Stories of War, Revolution, Flight and New Beginnings – Sucheng Chang 

Voices of the Heart : Asian American Women on Immigration, Work, and Family - Huping Ling 

When Half Is Whole : Multiethnic Asian American Identities - Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu 

Where I Have Never Been : Migration, Melancholia, and Memory in Asian American Narratives of Return - Patricia P. Chu 


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage - National Park Service 

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month – National Archives 

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage and History in the U.S. -National Endowment for the Humanities 

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – Library of Congress 

Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center 

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